When engineers CAN make a difference

We started Ruma with a mission to increase dignity, income, and access
of low income communities through technology.
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As an engineer at Ruma, you will build multiple products that test the limits of your ability.
Numerous high availability applications that need to work in difficult environments where memory is scarce, connections are unstable, and users are not tech savvy. Our team consists of mobile and front end engineer, back end engineer, platform engineer, quality, and data engineer; each of them has their own unique challenges.
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We are grateful that everyday we can help people in Indonesia who need us the most. At scale.
That’s why we call it #CodingForImpactAtScale

The story of Teh Yayat, one of our agents who have
been with Ruma the longest, has become an
inspirational figure for her community and for Ruma.

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