Our first experience implementing Google’s Design Sprint at Ruma

As I shared in the prologue, Ruma has started as a rather non-consumer facing tech company where we utilised technology to help our users mainly on the backend side prior to Arisan Mapan. We operated in the airtime business that did not really need extra User Experience touch as it was pretty much a straight forward service, the differentiator was mainly on the accessibility through our agent management platform and distribution — the latter was more or less a similar play to telco’s distribution model.

How we implemented secure authentication

When we set out to work on the User Management Authentication and Authorization project for RUMA, we had the chance to start completely from scratch. So we took the time to do some research before we even began writing the first line of code. The requirements were quite simple and standard.


This post is about Philipp’s personal experience from the first time he came in touch with computer technology. He will share how he learned to make use of software to create impact in the real world. And how he end up where he is today.